Ethics Must Go In Before the Tech Can Go In!

               Inspectors General, RTC.

We in RTC are constantly firing off missions to handle fundamental confusions which lead to Out Tech. Our stable datum is this: The Founder informs us that thetans compulsively mock up their own reality and universe.

Thetans compulsively mock up things that are not true and then blame these mock ups on others. Yet when the actual data is examined, when we go earlier on the chain, we find the thetan himself or herself is not taking responsibility for situations they themselves created.

As a consequence, they experience bypassed charge and inevitably find they were implanted sometime back on the wholetrack with this or that implant. But then we in RTC invariably discover that the thetan agreed to this or that situation. They created it and are not taking responsibility for it. Instead, they blame it on others and even make COB or the Church wrong.

The Founder recognized this vicious cycle and that is why he said Ethics must go in before the Tech can go in. One can’t claim to be a white hat when they’re a black hat. One can’t have evil purposes while claiming to do good. So the answer is this: Get your Ethics in! Take responsibility for what you yourself have created! Stop dramatizing your mock ups and wholetrack evil purposes!  Get these things handled now! Stop seeing Martians where none exist!

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  1. This is really a no brainer. OF COURSE THE FOUNDER IS CORRECT!!!!! He’s always correct, and that should be unquestioned. Ethics has to go in before Tech can go in. Why? Well just think about it fer christ sakes. If the Tech doesn’t go in then the money won’t come in. If the money doesn’t come in then that just means we’re some sleazy downstat religion. We got a late start in this game but we’re trying our damnedest to catch up with those squeaky clean Mormons and godforsaken Papists. Now they’ve got some serious loot!!!

    Besides, there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned gut wrenching, spine withering, ball busting, life draining, bowel liquifying, soul crushing, face smashing, thought mangling, integrity eliminating GAT II video Sec Check. In fact the only thing better is the gang bang version conducted by highly trained OSA goons who really know how to get the job done and done right.

    Now get to the Reg and buy a couple of intensives and just wait for the magic words, “I’m not audition you” and it will be VGIs and f/ns all around!!!!!!!! Hip Hip Horray for Ethics!*

    *and the money


  2. Scientology is so deluded (apologies to Ken) that it sometimes requires a translation for wogs who may happen upon this site to fully understand the thrust of its logic.

    The translation is this: Money must come out of your wallet (in sizable amounts) in order for the Ethics to be in. When Ethics (measured in six figure “donations”) are in, the secrets of the tech (space alien cooties) are revealed. Big Beings are those who mock up their fleecing as gaining the insights to immortality and a large coastal estate on Target Two.

    The more you “donate” the bigger your mock-up, not to mention the size of your “ethics”.


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