We in RTC Have Detected Your Criminal Internet Activity!

Many of the twelve million members of the Church of Scientology began receiving this message today while using their computers, cellphones, and other digital devices.

During the New Years 2020 event, we in RTC secretly infected the computers and other devices of all Scientologists. This was a planetary justice action is not hacking. It is legal as all Scientologists signed the “Permission to Covertly Access My Computers and Wiretap my Phones” contract. This document was signed when you signed the binding arbitration and the “no refunds or repayments” contracts.

We in RTC have caught many, many, many Scientologists looking at critical anti-Scientology websites. You thought you were safe using a VPN. You were wrong.

Your eternity is at stake. You can pay the $50,000 fine, plead guilty, and accept COB’s gracious one-time amnesty. Or you can be declared a Suppressive Person and spend your eternity as a rock in the blackness of deep space. Your eternity will be far worse than even that of an FBI agent.

Please choose one of the options below of your own free will and self-determinism:

_____ I accept COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige’s gracious amnesty and will wire the $50,000 within the next 24 hours to the Religious Technology Center.

_____ I reject the salvation offered me by COB. I acknowledge that I will be immediately declared an SP and will suffer a bleak and horrific eternity.

Signature________________________________   Date_______________________




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  1. If more Scientologists ©®™$ were like me and have Word Cleared ©®™$ Tech Degrades using Methods 1-9 ©®™$ no one would be getting this notice. I have stuck with the advice of our Founder ©®™$ and have shunned the suppressive internet and get all the Theta ©®™$ communications that I need from my Telex. That said, COB’s kind, generous and gracious offer of Amnesty ©®™$ is typical of his benevolence. Those other fake ecclesiastical “leaders” out there should take note and be nice like him.

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  2. Oh Please Please David Let me pen my signature to option # 2 ! Option # 1 is unnecessary for a Big Being such as yourself. How about wiring me $500,000 and I will not release my report concerning your threats to my person & property….plus my bleak and horrific eternity is in realty my Light Filled Home built with Love and Peace Forever You on the other hand have Hellfire to greet.

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