Cryptic Post: Burn After Reading

NRO Classified

Those two just can’t connect the dots. They are a folie à deux. And their little poodle-faced weirdo friend is disturbingly insane.

Too much information.

What would be too much information? The logical implications of what those two are writing is this: Ron Hubbard played a role in MK-Ultra and Scientologists are his unwitting test population and remain so to this day. Or is this too much information? Can those two take this plunge off the edge of the world? Or would it cause their heads to explode?  They couldn’t even take we in RTC trolling them and then suddenly changing the subject. They didn’t get the joke. It is appalling what they are willing to not know when it is staring them in the face. The GO must have been Miles’ bad joke because he was a pro and the GO was so inept it allowed Meisner to escape. I guess Miles drove the getaway car.

They think Miles was serious? How about upgrading the man to dangerous and deranged? Those two take his books at face value and have never even once tried pulling the man’s withholds.

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  1. Oh please! We in RTC definitely did not have you in mind when we mentioned a “poodle-faced weirdo.” That’s pure dub in on your part. A joke is ruined when it needs to be explained. However, to relieve your overheated imagination, “their little poodle-faced weirdo friend” who is “disturbingly insane” refers to Miles Copeland Jr.

    The song “Murder by Numbers” was posted to refer to the late Miles Copeland Jr. and his disturbingly insane penchant for dismissing CIA violence, assassinations, lethal experiments, etc as a game. Take, for example, this excerpt from Why America is losing ‘the game’ by Mark Burdman, 21 September 1989:

    “But for the full flavor of (Copeland’s mind), read the passage where Copeland discusses CIA-sponsored drug experiments (these were part of what became known as “MK-Ultra,” although Copeland doesn’t use that term): “The projects that drew the attention of the Church Committee were all conducted outside the CIA by scientists and pseudo-scientists employed by universities and pharmaceutical companies under contract to the CIA for what we understood would be strictly experimental. It never hurts to know what can be done. So these ‘scientists,’ or whatever they were, made pharmaceuticals that could make a ‘target’ tell the truth, hallucinate, behave self destructively or even drop dead for no detectable cause. It was pretty entertaining stuff . . . But we were as much surprised as the general public when the story broke about the poor guy, to whom some experimenter had fed an LSD pill, who plunged out of a tenth-story window of a Washington hotel screaming, ‘Look, Mom, I can fly!’ Senator Church, who already had a bead drawn on the CIA, failed to appreciate the comic side of the event, and when his investigators delved deeper into the most arcane corners of the CIA they found experiments in germ warfare, personality alteration, memory erasure, assassination and God knows what else. But their existence didn’t indicate evil so much as they illustrated, once again, what can go on in the basements and attics of a dream factory like the CIA if its top people aren’t forever watchful.”

    Miles Copeland Jr. considered the lethal experimentation of the CIA to be, “pretty entertaining stuff.”

    The CIA fed an unwitting man LSD. The man jumped to his death. Copeland then chillingly wrote that Senator Frank Church, “failed to appreciate the comic side of the event.”

    The late Miles Copeland Jr. was a “murder by numbers” guy and the song referred to him. This is why the song was prefaced by this:

    They think Miles was serious? How about upgrading the man to dangerous and deranged? Those two take his books at face value and have never even once tried pulling the man’s withholds.

    BTW, Scott, you really should apologize for your scurrilous allegation that Mr. Augustine, an known SP, was drunk. Our OSA spies reliably inform us that he did not have a drink at the park. Alcohol is not even allowed in the park without a permit, an insurance policy etc. This calumny on your part was wholly uncalled for. We in RTC frankly expect more from a fully ethical being such as yourself. Even when you disagree, ARC should be the watchword.

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  2. Hey Scott, we posted our reply at your Watchful Navigator site and it is still “awaiting moderation.” Please do let us know that you will be allowing us the courtesy of a reply at your site.


    • Comment approved!

      I’ve been traveling, okay?

      Didn’t your GPS-tracking NRO contacts let you know that?

      They had a tail on me through Utah and most of Idaho. I guess they wanted to see if I’d be paying my Northern friends a direct visit(?)

      Sheesh! Awfully controlling, your NRO fiends.


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