Captain Miscavige Orders the Nuclear Option Against HBO!


We in the Church of Scientology are under attack by the amassed global forces of planetary suppression.  Captain David Miscavige is in his RTC War Room handling the dire threat posed by Psych Master Alex Gibney, HBO, the 2.5% who comprise the class of Big-Pharma-funded SP’s, and of course the tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates who oppose Scientology’s social betterment activities and fourth dynamic salvage campaigns.

Accordingly, Captain David Miscavige has ordered the “Nuclear Option” against Psych Master Alex Gibney, HBO, and the SP’s and bitter defrocked apostates. DefCon 4: This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill.

Captain Miscavige’s 13 Point Plan to Confront and Shatter Suppression Once and For All Time:

1. Posing as IRS agents, OSA personnel will round up SP’s by ordering them to appear for tax audits in Ideal Orgs cleverly disguised to  look like IRS offices:

2. Once inside the buildings, the SP’s will be seized and hit with a glycol- alcohol mixture which preparation is guaranteed to pick up a thetan:

3. The unconscious SP’s will then be folded up like origami and placed into the new super-secret GAT III bomb-pops. Whereupon, the bomb-pops will be filled with more glycol-alcohol and then flash frozen — thus making a thetan trap far more deadly than even GAT II:

4. The flash frozen bomb-pops will be loaded into the bomb-bays on the Church of Scientology’s terrifying fleet of OSA Spaceliners. Our Spaceliners will then take off for Target 3:


5. Flown by OSA Attack Squadron 4,  our fleet of more than 9,000 OSA Spaceliners will arrive to Target 3 at warp speed:


6. The glass cockpits of the Stealth RTC Network Command Spaceliners will permit Captain Miscavige and RTC to control the action from full stealth mode:


7. The RTC FLIR Volcano Acquisition System ensures that OSA Spaceliners will find the principal volcanoes of Target 3:


8. We in the Church of Scientology will finally have our sweet revenge against all SP’s and bitter defrocked apostates when the war cry of “Bombs Away!” is called by Captain Miscavige. Trailing long tails of glycol-alcohol behind them, the melting bomb-pops will  cause the frozen SP’s to suddenly revivify in shock and horror as they are hurtled into the superheated volcanoes! Who’s laughing now jokers & degraders?!


9.  After the the  homo saps are dropped into the volcanoes, RTC Confederation Nuclear Squadron Six will descend from outer space to drop its deadly cargo of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on all SP’s and bitter defrocked apostates:


10. Suppression fully confronted and shattered!


11. CST Collector Ships will next move in to  harvest the billions of thetans of the knocked-out SP’s. The SP’s will be transported to CSI implanting facilities for further processing. After being harvested and compacted, the SP thetans will be made to watch the Orientation video for 36 days straight followed by all of COB’s 1,826 speeches.


12. Freed from their money along with their reactive minds, IAS Patrons at Flag Land Base will uncork the champagne and party like it’s 1952 in Havana:


13. Thank you sir, thank you COB. You are the leader of leaders and the thetan of thetans!

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    • You are correct.

      When (name deleted) did it, it was a vast wholetrack crime.

      When we in RTC do it, it is for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics because we are the most ethical group on the planet.


  1. ….”His name was Ortega. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of postings was placed on his blog. When through with his crime loyal officers (to RTC) captured him after six years of battle and put him in a dingy apartment in a Manhattan tenement where he still is. “They”, the posters, are gone. The place, ‘The Underground Bunker’ has since been a desert. The length and brutality of it all was such that the degraded beings never recovered…..”



  2. Oh that Marcabian implanter Alex Gibney and his 5th invader fleet accomplice Lawrence Wright won’t know what hit them!!!

    COB’s masterful plan has brought tears of pride to my eyes!!!


  3. Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government recently shared their essay question of the month:

    Who is potentially more dangerous with nuclear weapons – fanatical ayatollah or gone off the deep end COB?


  4. With the advent of the internet, these plans will no doubt be leaked to the public by the “liberal media”. The RTC must make efforts to disabuse the gullible public that COB is a “Petty Little Bitch” as recently claimed. That moniker has been given to a bitter and even more petty little bitch (initials M.B,)whose crimes will soon be revealed in the next unbiased and factually accurate issue Freedom Magazine. In the meantime, and until this threat ends, celebrity scientologists (like Will Smith) should continue to publicly assert “I am not a scientologist” in the face of suppressives while continuing to donating generously to our global salvage campaign. Let me make two things perfectly clear: 1) I am not a scientologist; and 2) David Miscavige is not a Petty Little Bitch.


  5. Captain Miscavige’s war on HBO has nothing to do with Gibney’s new documentary. COB is still mad that the SPs at HBO canceled “Sex and the City.” David Miscavige, as the ecclesiastical leader of the Sarah Jessica Parker fan club and owner of the second largest private collection of Ferragamo shoes, has never gotten over the cancelation.


  6. As a footnote to the above post, the response – “I know you are, but what am I” – as a defense to slanderous personal assaults is believed to be an outcrop of Hubbard’s policy of “attack the attacker”. In point of fact, Hubbard’s policy first originated in the school yards of Philadelphia when a young David Miscavige confronted the bullies that would taunt him with allegations that he was short, stupid, and a petty little bitch. When he joined the CMO, he regaled the old man with stories of his glory days and ability to confront and shatter suppression in that manner. LRH was so impressed that he not only used it as the cornerstone of his highly ethical treatment of suppressives, but directed the future COB to wait twenty years after his death and revisit all his writings to ensure that the punctuations marks were correctly located.


  7. I, JennyAtLAX, declare and state as follows:

    When we opened our first Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) office (cleverly disguised to look like an Ideal Org) in Washington, D.C., in 1936, I was there for a few years, under the direction of Mr. David Miscavige, leader of Scientology, Inc. (“SI”), Chairman of the Board (“COB”)—in communication with him every day, to establish that facility. That place is exquisite and working on that was one of the most exciting projects I have ever done.

    Architect Louis A. Simonsays designed the building, which is located as 12th Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Upon completion, I have also assisted in the purchase, design and renovation of all IRS/Ideal Orgs (“IIO”). Recently, Mr. Miscavige asked me, “Haven’t you noticed that SI buys and retores only those buildings listed as on the National Register of Historic Places (“NRHP”)?” I hadn’t noticed, I replied, and my heart swelled with the knowledge that he was interested in every detail and proud of it. “Every building that is on the NRHP list,” COB added, “is a work of art; a historical treasure filled with the beauty, harmony, rhythm and symmetry that makes them completely comfortable for SPs to visit, despite the fact the SI will completely capture their souls once they step through the front door.” Mr. Miscavige granted every IIO with such care and importance; I knew then that this was an executive like no other.

    I got every OSA staff member set up and uniformed so they could easily pose as an IRS agent. All OSA staff were triple hatted so that they can command OSA Attack Squadron 4, RTC Confederation Nuclear Squadron Six and CST Collector Ships. Through the NRHP, we received considerable discount in order to purchase massive quantities of GAT III bomb-pop canisters and pallets of canisters of glycol-alcohol. We also set up a special room in each IIO for our Origami Folding machines. At LAX, I proudly oversaw the construction of IIO’s fleet of 9,000 OSA Spaceliners and Stealth RTC Network Command Spaceliners, each equipped with the RTC FLIR Volcano Acquisition System.

    Each IIO also acts as an CSI implanting facilities. Bridge Publications worked 24/7 for the last three decades in order to prepare enough Orientation videos for the 36-day party, and all 1,828 of COB’s speeches have also been remastered with Clearsound.

    Since 1936, there has been an IIO expansion at orders of magnitude only previously dreamed of, led by Mr. David Miscavige, and with a proud management team following his lead. We have so much more to come. We are in our prime and are just now getting going. We have several more new IIOs being renovated. Soon, we’ll have incredible GAT IV bomb-pop canisters available in 6-packs from your local 711 stores so you can prepare your neighborhood SPs for easy pick up and delivery. The future is brighter than it has ever been.

    I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.


    Click to access App11-Jenny%20Linson.pdf


    • Once again JennyAtLAX steps forward with a legal affidavit of time, place, and form of event thus proving she is a fully triple hatted and able OT who is willing and able to confront and shatter suppression with no Q&A, HE&R, backflash, natter, sabotage, counter-intentionednessess, key-in, wholetrack dramatizations, no PTP’s, no PTSness, no criminality, no ev purps, no sword-fencing, and no make wrong of Captain Miscavige.

      The Scientologist just does… he or she… instantly jumps to… to obey Command Intention and make it go right. Whoooosh! It’s KSW and we in RTC don’t mess around with that people. We have cancelled reasonableness in our area … and in our sector of the galaxy and trust you have done so as well. It’s wild and wooly out there people. It’s not just Dave Miscavige, it’s not just we in RTC, but it’s you and you and you.

      No spectators.

      No spectatorism.

      We have a planet to clear.

      We have centerpieces to order for the fundraising gala.

      We have primping to do on our hair and tuxedo.

      We can do it people; we can make COB’s Great Hall of Exact Data at Flag part of a new and better reality… where people… are. They just are.

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  8. OMG – this was one of your finest pieces OTViiiisgreat! Just priceless! Thank you for making me laugh very, very hard. Love you all!


  9. 14. Mr. Tiny Pants issues a world edict that everyone on the planet must reduce their personal height to a sum less than 5’1″.


    • Patricia, here is the real OT data to clear up what you may heard on the rumor lines: Once Scientology takes over the world Fleet Admiral Miscavige will put into place a height restriction of 4 feet 1 inches. This will allow the Fleet Admiral to tower over everyone. Anyone taller than 4′ 11″ will be shipped off to T4 to work in COB’s gold mines.


  10. It’s a good thing that Fleet Admiral Miscavige doesn’t emulate Procrustes, son of Poseidon. who would either stretch or amputate the legs of any unfortunate traveler who was either to short or too tall to fit exactly the bed in his guest house.



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